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 Today at Pilgrim Clothing, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and in the forefront of current fashion trends.  

Driven by a passionate team of creatives, we’re absolutely dedicated to quality and value in our garments across the board. Regularly featuring prints exclusive to our brand, at Pilgrim Clothing we are endlessly striving to offer luxurious, fashion-forward options – without the price tag.

Our aim is to provide the every-day woman with everything she needs to look and feel confident and fabulous for every occasion. Pilgrim Clothing embodies the average young, bold and fearless Australian female, ever-evolving as she is.

Inspired by the Pilgrim woman, renowned for being unapologetically daring; styling our customers with an individual edge is what we do best.


 Our Story

The legacy of Pilgrim Clothing began in 88’, when it was created as a part of an overall collective brand at the peak of pop-culture inspired fashion.

In 92’, the brand was purchased by Grant Olver, who is still a co-owner of the brand today. Seeing amazing potential for Pilgrim, room for expansion and progression, it was an opportunity that he knew he couldn’t pass up. 

In the same year, we began producing our own product, as well as opening up our first store in Acland Street, Melbourne, Australia. Twenty-four-years, fourteen stores and a whole lot of hard work later, we here at Pilgrim are so proud of how far we have come and what we stand for as a team and as a company.

But the most important part of our story is you – our customer. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, our wonderful, supportive and loyal customers. We owe all of this to you, thank you.


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